My fiance has performance anxiety and I have been trying to work through it to no avail. I have a high sex drive and I love him dearly but not having sex is driving me crazy, It probably sounds selfish but I have been so crazy horny I can't handle it, I don't want to masturbate in case it upsets him. Any advice on how I can help him realise how much I need him sexually? Words don't seem to work and I've tried to 'be sexy' and nothing seems to work :( any advice would be much appreciated. :) from Anonymous

You can try to reinforce his self-confidence with little sex-games not including any performance from him.
You should also consider masturbation, with or without his help, it’s not a bad thing to masturbate when you are in couple.┬áHe should also try to masturbate alone or with you, it can make him feel more in control and more confident during the intercourse.