I had sex with this guy once and days later he kept texting me to have sex again.. I never replied and never had sex with him again. Every time I see him he just stares but doesn't say a word, do u think he feels like he was just a booty call? from Anonymous

Just ask him straight ;)

this is gonna sound real clueless, but, how dyou know if you're having an orgasm? x from Anonymous

When you have one, you know it. The feeling is different from everything else you experienced before.

haha i'm a girl. and yes, i have orgasms, what is pretty curious since i didn't used to have with my ex... from Anonymous

So why do you want to stop? Orgasms are pretty good for physical and mental health.

just to say, my boobs just went from 32b to 34b size, and i got excited about that even though they're still really small! i think most guys don't even care, my boyfriend says he always loved them :D (for the anon before :P) from Anonymous

I'm starting do masturbate for the first time I'm a girl, what do ou prefer to use to masturbate, and I tend to get horny sometimes and wondering what should I do to get that really good pleasure? from Anonymous

Fingers or/and a vibrating egg.