Seeing as that anon asked, would you mind checking out our blog? We just got it started earlier today. from daddy-s-lolita

A little too “male” for me but it’s still good ;)

Do you check out blogs that ask? from Anonymous

I do, but I prefer when they are similar to my tumblr :/

i need a site web where i can watch good porn/erotic videos for free... help? from Anonymous

pornhub badjojo redtube xvideos … 

Hi, I have a question. My vagina, more like, my inner lips and clit, have been itching like crazy!! Do you have any idea what it could be? P.S. I haven't had sex in a while. from Anonymous

Maybe it’s just mycoses, caused by :

* Lack of proper personal hygiene,
* Menopause,
* Frequent bathing in swimming pools and SPA’s
* Disruption of mucous membranes and skin caused by wearing strings or aggressive sexual life
* Excessive consumption of sweets,
* Transmitting fungal infection from your partner during intercourse
* All hormonal therapies and antibiotics, including contraception,
* Hypothyroidism
* Diabetes
* Bad choice of soap for intimate hygiene.

Ask your gynecologist, he’ll tell you how to get rid of it ;)

Hi. Im a virgin and so is my boyfriend. Problem is- he's hung and Im too tight. Whenever we try it won't fit. Suggestions? from Anonymous

Use water based lubrifiant, he needs to enter very very slow and stop moving everytime you ask him. 

Any other tips ?