Do you talk during sex? Not really dirty talk but kinda... from Anonymous

I moan and scream and show my pleasure but barely talk. Do you ?

I just rubbed it I'm not sure where to finger myself at from Anonymous

First, you have to find the most sensitive spot in your intimate area, it can be everywhere but usually, it’s around or on the clitoris! Than , try to carress it and rub it with different pressures, rythms and variations and find what gives you the best sensations.

I don't think my boyfriend enjoys when I give him head. How can I do better to please him ? from Anonymous

Ask him what he likes and what he wants you to try! The only way to get better at blowjobs is by asking advices to your partner ;)

Want you to receive pics of a wonderful cock? from Anonymous

Only if that wonderful cock is glittering and looks like an unicorn’s horn :D