I was masturbating in the shower with my parents in the room next to the bathroom, I had to bite my lips not to moan loudly as i came, and i had to walk real quickly out of the bathroom so that they would not see how my body was still shaking. from Anonymous

Do you like it when the boy put his Finger in your Anus while having Sex? from Anonymous

I do, when it’s the right moment !

Do guys notice stomach stretch mark? Do they notice the difference in each boob? Do they notice if your legs are prickly? Do they notice rolls/back fat? Do they notice double chins? Do they notice the non existent thigh gap? from Anonymous

Usually they don’t and when they do, they don’t mind (except assholes but it’s a good way to notice them and run away) ;)

c'est quoi exactement la sexologie from Anonymous

L’étude de la sexualité humaine et des différents facteurs susceptibles de l’influencer ;)

this may sound trivial, but is it truly possible to be anorgasmic permanently? :/ i've been having sex for about a year now and never once have had an orgasm, i don't even know what to look for. i'm worried something is seriously wrong with me, like something's broken somehow. is there a way to fix it? :( from Anonymous

If you want to be able to reach orgasm with someone, you have to know how to reach it when you are alone. Masturbate, try different things, different positions, toys, water… take care of your clitoris and explore your body!