Do you have some tips on fingering to get an orgasm and pleasure I need some advice for myself from Anonymous

Only you can find how to get an orgasm ;) Just do what you like and you’ll like more and more things with time.

This is embarrassing, but I feel that I have a little more body hair than most girls. On my butt and lower back. How would you handle something like that? A big insecurity from Anonymous

Most boys don’t care about body hair. But if you really care, try wax or hair remover cream.

hi, I think I have a really weird boobs, and that's what I'm afraid to have sex... from Anonymous

Why would they be weird ? every boobies are uniques and differents ! If you really fell insecure, have you try keeping your bra on or wearing a bodysuit during sex?

So I have a bf and we only see us on weekends because distance and in the week I want to be at his side, I miss him and am horny but when we meet I don't really feel love and don't feel sexually attracted to him. Is it normal? What should I do? from Anonymous

That’s weird :/ any advices somebody?

Advices from anons:

"Maybe the anon is attracted to the IDEA of her instead of him himself. During the week maybe the distance allows her to fantasise about him, therefore creating this idea of the relationship in her head- her boyfriend is the subject since he is the nearest thing therefore it makes it more realistic. Prehaps she desires a relationship and sex, just not with him specifically."

"Sounds like she wants things she cant have. but soon as she got what she wants, the thrill is gone"

candicesugar replied to your post: Ouch

I don’t understand? Did he pose as that anon asking about you wanting to do it with a female, and then confront you after you said yes?

He only read that post :/

You are really virgin or not? from Anonymous

Wouldn’t it be weird answering questions about sex and being a virgin ? :/