candicesugar replied to your post: Ouch

I don’t understand? Did he pose as that anon asking about you wanting to do it with a female, and then confront you after you said yes?

He only read that post :/

You are really virgin or not? from Anonymous

Wouldn’t it be weird answering questions about sex and being a virgin ? :/


My boyfriend just got sooo mad about the “lesbian” posts that he left -_- I’m so exasperated right now …

Your blog is like everything, give me an example so i dont fuck this up lol from jakkosbrain

Your pic must be in good quality, I usually prefer colorfull pics but b&w can be great too. I love it when you can feel the emotions, when it’s not rough porn and when both partners seem to like what they are doing.

Can you post videos aswell? And can you post a picture of yourself? (Nude picture) from Anonymous

If you have good videos, just send them to me and I’ll post them. 

I already posted a picture of myself, you can easily find it on my tumblr.