I have braces, how do I give a good blowjob from Anonymous

I never had braces but my first advice would be : use your tongue. Anyone has an experience with braces?

Okay so I'm planning to have sex soon and I don't know what to do with my pubs. Do I shave it? All of it? Or do I just leave them alone from Anonymous

Do what makes you feel the most confident ;)

Would you rather have an orgasm every time someone said your name or never have an orgasm for the rest of your life? from Anonymous

First option and I would tell my real name only to my lovers :) It would be so great!

Ok so my husband wants to do 69 and he's skinny and I'm a lil on the heavy side. Should I be worried about doing it for the first time? I mean I dnt want to smother him. from Anonymous

If he goes on top, it’ll be easier but I’m sure you can find out how to make it work the other way too ;)

When I blow my bf I can't go very deep without gaging I'm afraid I'll throw up or something... from Anonymous

Deepthroat is for porn, it’s not the norm at all! It does make you gag and sometimes trhow up. If you want to try it, go step by step and stop when you feel it’s getting weird!