Hello there!

For a volunteer work, I’m¬†organizing a conference and I need to collect points of view on this question:

According to you, which of these sentences is/are more harmful to women?

1 * The acts of women in porn are an ideal to reach. Fellatio, for example, must be part of the basic sex kit.
2 * Vaginal orgasm is superior to clitoral orgasm.
3 * Intercourse ends when the male ejaculate.
4 * Girls masturbate less than boys.
5 * It is better if the man and woman orgasm together!
6 * Sex is necessary for men but not for women.
8 * During menopause, women don’t have sex anymore.
9 * There is no sex without penetration!

Answer anonymously in 1 line or 1 page, as you want :)