my boyfriend doesnt want to fuck with me because i can't get an orgasm (only when i do it myself) and he says it doesn't make sense like this and he gave up. what should i do? (we're together since 2007) i'm so sad, i miss sex so much from Anonymous

Buy him a whole new brain?

Jokes aside, he needs to understand that you can have pleasure without orgasming and RESPECT that! He wants you to have pleasure doesn’t he?

Btw, are the foreplays satisfying? 

About the small girl and the tall bf, I only can say that a tall bf is awesome!! I'm 1,50 mts and he's 1,83 mts (sorry I don't handle the inches), he dominates me, he makes me feel protected sometimes and abused other times... and other times i dominate him because it's like a sexual fantasy look like a teenager ^^ I just can say that we love to have sex and we enjoy to play together ;3 from Anonymous

Other anon answer : ‘We have the same heights with my gf the only position what we can t use is from back in the shower :/’

Hello there !! Im tiny girl and my bf is huge. Im like 5'2 and he is 6'5. We havent had sex before. Is height difference problem in sex ? Im afraid of it :/ from Anonymous

It has never been a problem for me. Huge boyfriends are funny because they can dominate sooo easily!

Any tips followers? <3 

On the girl who feels heavier than her boyfriend I feel that way all the time. He's 6'2 ish and lanky. And I'm 5'7 with wide huge hips and butt with a small petite waist. When I'm on top the way he looks at me always stops the insecurities. Just feel comfortable. He's dating you. He must like you for you. Be confident focus on making him feel good and doing what makes you feel good. Take it from me.... My boyfriend had no problem with all of this. Good luck.! :) from Anonymous

I submitted a picture weeks ago and it's still not been put up :( from Anonymous

It’s in the queue, I don’t want to post too much pics at the same time ;)